Which Mistakes Could Cost Your Home Renovation Projects

by CENTURY21 Zaloom Realty 07/04/2021

Remodeling or renovating gives you an opportunity to give your house a fresh appearance. Whether you’ll be doing a simple remodeling project or a major one, it’s important to do some careful planning first. Otherwise, you could end up making costly mistakes or not being satisfied with the results of your remodeling project. Avoid doing the following when you remodel or renovate your home.

Inaccurate Budget

Smaller remodeling projects shouldn’t cost much overall, but be careful when budgeting for a larger project. Underestimating costs on these remodeling projects could cause you to either spend more than you planned. You might also be tempted to cut back in some ways in order to stay within your budget, such as getting cheaper materials. When you estimate the cost of a remodeling project, make sure this includes any unexpected costs that might come up.

Incorrect Project Pace

When you’re remodeling your home, you might be eager to get it done as quickly as possible. Focusing more on time with these projects rather than making sure they’re done properly can lead to problems or dissatisfaction with the way they turn out. You should take your time doing remodeling projects to ensure that they’re done the right way. Keep in mind that it’s always best to plan for delays just in case, especially if you’re tackling a bigger project.   

Incorrect Measurements

Whether you’re installing new cabinets or changing the layout of your bathroom, it’s important to take all measurements correctly. Double check your measurements to make sure they’re correct, so that you don’t run into problems with cabinets or other fixtures not fitting properly. If a contractor is handling your remodeling project, you can check the measurements they make to confirm that they’re correct.

Contractor Price Over Portfolio

When you hire a contractor for a renovation or remodeling project, you might go with the one who offers the lowest bid. While this might seem like the right choice to make financially, you shouldn’t necessarily choose the least expensive contractor. Making sure you hire one who provides high-quality workmanship, as well as dependable communication and excellent customer service overall is more important than saving some money on the cost of your project.

Eagerly Buying Materials

Although you should have all of your materials on hand when you start a remodeling project, don’t buy them too early. For example, you might purchase materials you see on sale long before you work out the details of your project. When it’s time to start it, you might discover that the materials you bought early are ones you don’t need. You might also change your mind about the materials you want to use for a project due to cost, quality or other factors. You should wait until you have the details of your project planned out before purchasing materials.

No Knowledge of Local Building Codes

When your remodeling project involves changing your plumbing, electrical system, square footage or similar parts of your home, always check local building codes. You’ll need to follow these codes when doing your remodeling project. Any contractors you hire for the job should also be familiar with local building codes and follow them.